Dangerous behaviour


Any activity that is could be dangerous to our members in the space will not be tolerated.

If you are found to be endangering yourself or others, you may be asked to leave the space.

If you see someone else doing something dangerous, you must report it to one of the core members.


What do we mean by "Dangerous"?

We'd hope that this is pretty obvious, however to be absolutely clear Make Monmouth defines "dangerous" as any activity or make that could put the health of our members at risk.

Examples could include (but are by no means limited to!) the following:

  • A member decides to leave a soldering iron on the table without putting it back in the safety stand
  • Someone decides that their current tools are not sharp enough, so tries to make a blade designed for a particular purpose
  • A member spots that another member has left various tools that could cause injury on the side of the workbench where they could easily be knocked off, and fails to report it

What about weapons for cos-play etc?

Any weapon for cosplay or similar (re-enactments etc) must have a dull blade or a full safety mechanism. Projectile-based weapons may not be loaded or primed within the space.

What if I have a weapons license and want to fix an air rifle or more power device?

We'd ask that you find a gun-club or similar. We simply don't have the insurance for that at Make Monmouth, nor do we want to take the chance of injuring someone (or worse!) by mistake.